Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ellis County Barbecue

Today I wanted some barbecue.  Really bad.  So I googled barbecue in Midlothian, and I came up with a few locations.  Ellis County Barbecue was the first one listed, so we stopped in there.  It was not your typical barbecue joint.  And by typical I mean walk through the line, have them slice your meat(s) of choice onto your place, and select your sides.  Here, you were actually seated at a table, and the waitress came to get your drink order, and you looked over the menu while you waited.  Not that this was a bad thing.  I ordered a briskit sandwich with a side of okra.  The briskit was great!  My rule for thinking briskit is great is this:  can it stand alone without barbecue sauce?  Yes, I want barbecue sauce on my briskit, but the few bites I taste that don't have any on it should still be full of flavor.  And it passed the test!  Will I go back?  Probably, if I am ever in Midlothian craving barbecue.  Would I make a special trip to Midlothian just for the barbecue?  Probably not.

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