Friday, August 10, 2012

National Fine Arts: Thursday

We started Thursday morning off by going across the Ohio River into Indiana.

 First stop:  Bass Pro Shops, which is always fun!
 We checked out the party boats before going inside.

 Lots of photo-ops here!

 One of our students had been looking for a penny machine the whole time we have been gone, and we finally found one.
 Cave man!
 We played a little putt putt...

 ...and then they had a little target practice.

 After that I had a little trouble finding everybody-they were all camoflauged.

 After Bass Pro Shops, it was lunch time.  We saw this neat old barn on the way to the restaurant.
We had been wanting barbecue, and didn't have high expectations for finding good barbecue in Indiana, but we found a little restaurant online that sounded good.
 They had some chicken barbecue,
 and brisket.  It was super tasty!  I couldn't believe how good it was!
They even had some pork chili (which was also surprisingly good) and mac & cheese.
 The owner gave us a free sample of his chicken wings, too.  Yummy!  Great choice!
 When we made it back to the convention center, it was human video time. (I took this random photo since I really liked the ceiling in the Human Video room.)

 After that, we went to the Visual Arts section of Fine Arts.  There were some really neat pieces.

 The poetry and other writing categories were available to read on the computer.
I found it humorous that in the bathroom, the official sign telling you how to flush the toilet referred to the waste as "#1" and "#2".
 After that we went to service.

We found another great photo-op on the way back to the truck, and then went back to the hotel for corn dogs.  Yet another fun day!  So exhausting!

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