Friday, August 24, 2012

First Scrimmage

Tonight my youngest son played his first scrimmage of the season.  He is on the 9th grade team this year-and I am a nervous mom watching him play all these kids that are the size of adults.  5A ball is no joke!  Here is the team playing.
 He is somewhere in that green huddle in the middle of the picture.
 Here he is on the field.  In this play he is the green player furthest to the right-almost dead center in the picture.
Here I was trying to locate him on the sidelines.
After I took the picture, I just zoomed in and cropped it so I could see him better.  He is the first player on the left that is wearing a helmet.
Here he is after the game-not sure what the final score was since they didn't have the scoreboard going but I don't think they won. (In case you weren't aware-I have no clue what was actually happening on the football field.)
And another picture of him with his proud daddy!

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