Monday, August 6, 2012

National Fine Arts: Monday

This morning started with getting a couple hours rest and then visiting the Kentucky International Convention Center in order to get registered for the Fine Arts Festival.  The students visited booths while waiting for the line to die down some.  The lines were longer than I was expecting, so I was glad they were willing to run down to the car to feed the meter for me a couple times.

After registering, we located the performance rooms so we would know where to arrive tomorrow.

One place we wanted to eat while we were in Kentucky was Kentucky Fried Chicken.  It was fun, but we quickly learned that it tastes the same as it does in Texas.

KFC what's cooking?

Finger licking good...
We shot a quick video while at KFC-hopefully it turns out and we can use it for announcements in youth when we get back home.

One of the students really likes history, and wanted to explore, so we walked around the area admiring the architecture.  There are such beautiful homes and buildings in Louisville!

We shot another video on the steps of this Catholic church for video announcements.  We will see how it turns out!

I love these old brick roads!
We have seen several horses around town, each painted differently.
Hmmm...this was supposed to be another picture of a horse, but somehow we got a picture of Rally's Burgers instead.
After a trip to Wal-Mart, we all were feeling exhausted.  Staying up to drive the night before was catching up with us all.  Since performances were in the morning, we decided to do a devotion in the room instead of attending the evening service which we expected to run very late.  We decided that we would only skip the one service, and be very diligent to attend all the others.
We relaxed a little in the hotel room, ordered pizza, and watched a movie before heading to bed.  (The girls were so tired they even skipped the end of the movie so they could get to bed.)
I think everyone enjoyed their first day, and is excited for their performances tomorrow.

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