Monday, August 20, 2012

Haitian Food

After we got back from Louisville, and my hubby was home from Haiti, I asked him to make me some Haitian food.  Tonight, I got just that!  He said that this meal was a typical lunch for the Haitians-minus the chicken.  He said they typically only eat meat on Sunday.  This is called poul creole (Creole chicken), diri ak pwa (rice and beans-mixed together), and all covered in sos poul (chicken sauce)-which was a tomato based sauce with okra, green peppers, and some hot peppers.  Also (and pretty obviously from the picture), there was bread, but I am not sure what they call it-my guess is pain.

When I say it was good, I am making no understatement.  I can see how the Haitians eat it everyday.  I plan to take leftovers to work all week-it really is that good!  I hope my hubby decides to make this regularly!

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