Saturday, August 11, 2012

National Fine Arts: Friday

Friday was our last full day in Louisville.  By the time Friday came around, I was over taking pictures (well, until much later in the day when I went overboard).  We attended some workshops in the morning-here is the piano workshop...
...and the Campus Missions workshop-which, by the way, was completely full.  Standing room only.  Luckily our group got there early enough to get a seat and a handout.
 Then we attended the short sermon workshop-this teacher had some great information!
We took a quick break for lunch at Potbelly's.  We got there just in time.  By the time we finished, the line was out the door.
The Visitor's Center was right around the corner, so we visited Colonel Sanders, 
and we finally got an answer to the question we had been asking all week.  "How do you pronounce Louisville?"  Apparently, no one way is correct.
From there we went back to the convention center and attended a human video workshop.  The students walked away from it with some great ideas.
One restaurant I kept seeing all week, and wanted to visit, was the Wolfgang Puck Express.  I saw the menu, though, and realized it was a little too pricey.  We walked through there (it was set up like a food court) on our way out, and I noticed this chef that was bored (this was around 3 in the afternoon during their non-busy time).  I asked him if he had ever met Wolfgang Puck.  His response? "No, but I hear he is a real jerk."  More information than I was expecting to hear.  But after that I didn't really want to eat there anymore-not because he was a jerk, but because I thought it was his restaurant.  Apparently he just owns it.  I wanted Wolfgang Puck-trained chefs preparing my food.  Oh, well.
More architecture while on the way back to the car...
We headed back to the hotel for a much needed nap, and then visited Pizza Hut for dinner.  We had already had pizza this week, so we ordered the pastas.  They were pretty good!

Closing Ceremony!  Here was the view from the backside of the Yum! Center:
Closing ceremony was great!  We got to see the top performers in many of the categories.  I think this was short video.
Hmmm...maybe the announcer guy?  I can't tell!
This girl was the Spanish female vocal solo.  She was amazing!
This girl wrote a story, and told it to a group of children on stage.
After we left the ceremony, I saw the pretty boats on the Ohio River and was drawn to them.  Remember how I said I went overboard taking pictures later in the day?  It happened at this point!  I just love pictures on the water!  We saw the boat, the Belle of Louisville, come to dock just as the sun was setting.  So pretty!

What a neat experience!  One last snapshot on the way back to the truck.

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