Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Visitor Overlook

Today is my last day of Christmas vacation, and so while my hubby is back to work already, and my boys have gone to visit my in-laws, I found myself alone this morning.  I have dealt with a bit of cabin fever, and visited retail over my break, and just needed a change of scenery, so I figured it would be a good day to go letterboxing.  It would get me out of the house, and moving around a little before I head back to work tomorrow.  There are 4 letterboxes in Cedar Hill State Park, and another one not far from there, at Visitors Overlook, so I figured it would be a good day for that.  Unfortunately, as I pulled into the state park, I was informed that the trails were closed today.  This really disappointed me, but I headed on to the overlook to find one box.  I have been here before letterboxing, but this box appeared after my first trip.  More on this box in another post.  Anyhow, I parked by the restrooms mentioned in the clue, and could immediately see the lake.  Gorgeous!  I had to go out to the overlook to get a better view.

So pretty!  If only it wasn't 45 degrees outside!  I love the water, and miss living near it.
After I found the letterbox, I walked further down the trail to get to the water.  I immediately heard ducks flying around.  My guess is they heard me first and started to get away.  Here they are out in the water, swimming away.  Just look at that view! 
The wind was blowing, and I could hear the "waves" hitting the shore....okay-these were hardly big enough to be called waves, but the sound was still soothing!
As I stepped further out onto the shore, I could see a heron off in the distance.  See the white "dot" in the middle of the picture?  Herons are so pretty.
I tried to get closer for a better picture, but it flew off as it heard me getting closer.  It's hard to walk quietly on rocks. :( 
It was so good to get out of the house for a while, and walk around in nature, but I couldn't stand the cold much longer, so I headed home.

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