Monday, December 26, 2011

A New Scarf

My hubby and I went shopping today to spend some of our gift cards we got for Christmas.  He picked out a nice, new toy.
How he picked it out from among all of the choices, I'll have no idea.  I guess musicians have their ways. :)
Anyhow, when we got home this evening, I figured that since he would be preoccupied trying out his new toy, I would accomplish the one goal I set for Christmas vacation-cleaning out my closet.  That didn't actually take too long at all (and I got rid of 2 bags of clothes!)  But I realized that my t-shirt collection had again grown out-of-control.  Didn't I just get rid of a bunch of tees?  Where did they all come from?  Not a problem, though-I have been wanting to make a few new scarves.  So I grabbed the only 2 tees I could part with that were the same color-which were gray-not my first choice for a scarf color, but they will do.  The tutorial I remember watching said I needed XL shirts, but I figured 2 mediums would be a good substitute.
Anyhow, I grabbed a styrofoam plate, and drew 6 circles onto my shirt with a highlighter... 
Turns out I fit them all onto 1 tee...maybe since my tee didn't have a large logo on the front I could use more of it than what was to be expected.  Anyhow, I got those cut out.
Then I cut a spiral into the circle, about 2 inches wide.  (The first 2 I cut were about 1 inch wide, and that just didn't quite get the volume I was looking for.) 
Notice the 2 strips that were only 1 inch thick, and so therefore longer than the others.  Anyhow, once they were cut, I stretched the strips to make them all a little longer.
I tied them all together, making sure that even though those 2 strips were longer, they didn't hang down further.
It looks decent, but not as great as I was expecting.  I'll have to try it with a colored tee next time.

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