Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chinese Takeout at Home

All afternoon I have been craving Chinese food-specifically the rice.  So I ran to the grocery store after work and picked up a couple of bags of chicken fried rice mix, a can of Chinese veggies, some chicken breast, and egg rolls.  Much cheaper than takeout!  I cooked the rice and vegetables together. (Not very good looking at this point!)
I fried the cut up chicken in some oil and soy sauce.  When the chicken was done, I scrambled an egg in the same pan, and then added the rice/veggie mixture to the pan to stirfry it all up together.
While that was cooking I threw the egg rolls in the fryer.
And before too long it was ready-not as good as Panda Express-but definitely cheaper!  And since it was basically takeout food-we opted for paper plates, too.  I didn't think about fortune cookies, while I was at the store, so while we ate I googled fortune cookies and read the boys fortunes.  I'm sure they thought I had lost my mind!

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