Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bethlehem Revisited

Our family attended Bethlehem Revisited over the weekend.  A local Presbyterian church sets up a village of 30-50 buildings along with townspeople for visitors to walk through and see what it was like for Mary and Joseph as they entered Bethlehem.  Townspeople made baskets, sold fruits, and conducted day-to-day business.  Herod's court was in session, soldiers guarded various areas of the town, there was a full inn, and the stable where Jesus was born.  I was surprised by the number of visitors to this event.  For a relatively small town, this event drew many people.  I guess since it was dark, my pictures didn't turn out so great.

After revisiting Bethlehem, we drove by the local college, so I snapped a picture of their pretty Christmas lights. 

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