Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Scarf

Sitting around the house with nothing to do is not good for me.  I have often said that I work, not for money, but for my sanity.  I decided this afternoon that I should go ahead and make the 3rd scarf I had been wanting to make because I needed something to do.  So I checked out a tutorial, and got started.  Most of my old tees are gray or black, but I wanted one with some color, so I chose this blue one.
I cut off the bottom half of the shirt, just below logo, but importantly, just below the arms.
Next, I cut off the hem at the bottom of the tee.
I cut strips (about 1 inch or a little less) all the way to the top, stopping about an inch from the top.
Then I stretched the strips out...
...and gathered the material at the end, and then it was ready!
Here it is with one of the cords wrapped around it to keep it together.  (Yes, I know my shirt doesn't match-lol)
Here it is, wrapped around twice.
And here it is again, clipped together with a flower.

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