Friday, December 23, 2011

The Blue Screen of Death

A while back I had posted about my new found enjoyment in Pinterest.  It has been a wonderful site, with tons of great ideas; however, I have backed off from it for a bit.  I found a nice link to a stamped image of a key hole that I pinned on my letterboxing board as an idea to work on at a later time.  Shortly thereafter my computer started acting weird-no, it didn't actually give me the blue screen of death, but I could tell it had a virus.  My hubby knows his way around computers much better than I do, so I passed it on to him to check out.  Sure enough-27 viruses from visiting just the one website!

It took time, but he finally got them all off of my computer! I have been told there are are 2 types of computers-ones that have had viruses, and ones that are going to have them.  I hate that this happened, because I was enjoying pinterest so much, but I guess I will have to get my craft ideas elsewhere.
(This is actually my work computer when it crashed a while ago-I didn't take a picture of my pc when it started acting stupid.)

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