Tuesday, October 18, 2011

State Fair

For the past couple years, we have attended the State Fair of Texas.  The thing that keeps up coming back-the fried food.  We love to see what new concoctions they can come up with.  We started off with a Fletcher's Corndog-this is the way we start off each year.
One of the newly added fried foods that I had heard about and wanted to try was the fried bubble gum.  It is actually bubble gum flavored marshmallows served with Chiclets.  The center was near-liquid yumminess!  It didn't taste anything like a marshmallow-but just like bubble gum.
Then we passed a stand selling chicken fried bacon. It had a lot of breading, and was quite tasty, too.  We chose ranch as our dipping sauce.  On the downside, it was incredibly salty.
The last food we tasted was deep fried pumpkin pie.  By far, it was the best tasting thing we had all night.  If I were to go back this year, it would be my first stop.  It was a delicious night!

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