Friday, November 23, 2012

Vacation-Hyman's Seafood

On vacation we try to visit famous restaurants;  Hyman's Seafood fits the bill!  While we waited to get inside there was a lady that walked around handing out hush puppies, which were delicious!
This restaurant regularly has famous people eating here.  Here is just one of the nameplates at our table.  While we were there a rapper named DJ Drama was eating there-although I never heard of him.
After we ordered our food, the waitress brought us some boiled peanuts and more hush puppies to enjoy.  Later, the owner (a 4th generation Hyman) stopped by to say hello, and brought the boys certificates for some free ice cream.
The kitchen even sent us some complimentary fried green tomatoes and grits.  They were particularly good!
Right before our food came out, our cole slaw delivered.  It was typical east coast slaw-made with apple cider vinegar and celery seed, although it had more mayo than I cared for despite the flavor being so good.
The boys both ordered Po Boys-my oldest had the calamari, and my youngest had the shrimp.
Of course, I was not going to let an opportunity to enjoy more seafood pass me by-I ordered steamed shrimp with grits.  After tasting it I can tell you why this place has lasted so long, and why it is famous.  SO great! If you find yourself in Charleston-definitely make this one of your stops!
I thought you might enjoy this picture, which was posted in the restaurant:

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