Friday, November 2, 2012


Most years, I can pinpoint a time in the fall when I just don't feel like myself.  I lose motivation to do anything, just want to sleep, and have moments when I cry for seemingly no reason.  Some years it hits me worse than others, but it is always in the fall.  I have no explanation for it.  And then it leaves almost as mystifying as it arrived.  I've been noticing the lack of energy the past several weeks, but suddenly the unexplained tears and inability to "deal" with life's issues have showed up.  So after a good cry this morning, I decided to be intentional about finding happiness.

I walked outside-81 degrees on November 2.  Yes, I will enjoy this!
I put on my swimsuit, grabbed my grass mat and beach towel, and headed to the backyard to enjoy the warmth the season has to give.  Here's hoping this feeling of sadness leaves me quickly!

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