Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vacation-The Battery

Before I tell you about today's adventures (in reverse), let me tell you about getting these pictures uploaded.  Apparently my Picasa album, which comes free with my blogger account, has a limit for number of pictures that can be uploaded and I have reached that limit.  So I had 2 choices-pay for a larger storage space, or find a new way to upload pictures.  After a little bit of research, I found out I can upload them directly from my phone (which is where I take most of my pictures from anyhow) to Google Plus, and load them to the blog that way.  So this will be my first time uploading from that album.  My first lesson-reverse chronological order.  For whatever reason, this album uploads in reverse order unless I select the pictures one by one.

So why don't you visit the The Battery area of Charleston with me from the end of our time to the beginning?  We ended our tour of the area by walking through the neighborhoods and admiring the architecture of the historic homes in the area to get back to our car.

There were carriage rides, and this particular carriage had stopped right in front of a home so the driver/tour guide could tell those on the tour a little bit about this history of that particular home.  I took the opportunity to take a snapshot.

I absolutely love this entryway-the marble stairway is just beautiful!

This was the end of Rainbow Row-a series of homes painted in a colorful way.  We stopped here and my sister-in-law took some family pictures.  Hopefully I will have those soon and will upload them.

Before that we visited the battlefield area of The Battery.  There were lots of historic markers and artifacts to look at.

I'm not sure where this picture came from.  It appears to be out of order.  Maybe I don't have this photo album figured out after all.

Before that, we parked the car and walked along the waterway admiring the view-both the water and the homes.

I love visiting historic places, and Charleston has been great!

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