Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vacation-Downtown Charleston & The Market

Today we went to downtown Charleston to explore some, and go window shopping.  I saw this tall steeple on the way to the parking garage and just had to snap a picture-so pretty-I love architecture!
Quite possibly one of my favorite stops-Market Street Sweets.  As we entered they gave a sample of some freshly made (still hot) pralines.  Yum!  I have never been a fan of pralines before, but either they are better hot, or this place is just fantastic-or maybe some combination of the two.  We bought a few-their sample tactic worked on us!

Next we went to The Market, which had lots of handmade (as well as non-handmade) items.  I wish we had arrived here earlier and had more time to explore, but many of the vendors had closed by the time we got to then end. 
Next we visited a candy store which happened to carry some Blenheim Ginger Ale; while I had never heard of this brand before, I am a sucker for any kind of local ginger ale.  The cashier asked me if I knew I got the "spicy" kind.  I did not realize it, but I bought it anyhow.  Spicy it was-almost every time I had a sip it caused me to sneeze-but it sure was tasty!
My brother-in-law snapped this picture of The Market on our way back to the car.
It has been such a relaxing day!  I am quickly falling in love with Charleston.

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