Monday, November 26, 2012

Gingerbread and Sugar Ninjas

My oldest son is have a "feast" at school tomorrow, and is supposed to bring food to share with 20 classmates.  He decided to make sugar cookies, but we were only able to locate one cookie cutter which was in the shape of a leaf, so we made a quick trip to Big Lots to pick up some cookie cutters.  On the shelf, they had a big bucket of 100 cookie cutters-certainly way more than we needed!  And then my hubby spotted this Ninjabread Cookie Kit, which included 4 cookie cutters.  That was more like it!  
My son also made the gingerbread cookies in the kit since there weren't quite enough sugar cookies.
As the cookies were cooling, I helped frost the cookies while my son added the sprinkles.  I told him he would have had better help from a Kindergartner, since I did such a sloppy job.

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