Friday, October 12, 2012

Women's Retreat 2012: Day 2

This morning's service started off with some worship, followed by the worship leader, Amber Rhoads, telling her story, and how God had restored her.
It led to an altar call time that touched so many in the service.
After lunch, we headed over to some workshops.  The first workshop was titled "Love is a Verb".  
The second session we attended was "Marriage Revolution".  They were both great sessions-you could tell the speakers were well prepared.
Next we enjoyed a little free time before dinner.
Then we headed back to the auditorium a little early to guarantee us some good seats.  While we waited we went to the stage for some group pictures.

Isn't the stage design cool?  This year's theme is "First Love".
Amber Rhoads and her band led us once again into worship, 
and then the keynote speaker, Jan Aldridge, was announced.  She told her story of being born with a birth defect and how that shaped her life.  She gave words of encouragement, and so many responded to the altar call.  She is such an anointed speaker!
What a great day!  I can't wait to hear her speak again tomorrow!

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