Monday, October 8, 2012

State Fair of Texas

Don't you just love visiting the State Fair?  Every time we go, the first thing we look for is a Fletcher's corn dog.  Yum!
Yes, random I know, but I couldn't resist taking this picture-it is a golf cart with longhorns on the front.  Once upon a time when I was going to get a golf cart (I don't have a use for one anymore), it was going to be pink with longhorns on the front just for fun.  How neat to see one similar to the way I wanted mine!
The State Fair wouldn't be what it is without all the fried food options they have.  Tonight I enjoyed funnel cake fries,
and my hubby and the boys ate the fried Samoas (Girls Scout cookies).  My family said they tasted good, but I had no desire to eat anything with coconut on it.
I tried some of my hubby's fried grilled cheese (excellent, by the way),
 and he also enjoyed a hamburger slider,
while I enjoyed a barbecue slider.
Since I am in the market for a car right now, we spent quite a bit of time looking at all the cars on display, and we also checked out a bunch of vendors before riding any rides.  Every year I want to ride the ferris wheel-it is so huge you can see it for miles, but I never have, so this year was my year!  I snapped this shot before getting on-and couldn't even get a picture of half of it.
To ride, we got in a car like this one.
Don't they look so happy to ride?

There was a great view of Dallas from the top.
Next we checked out the bumper cars,
And then the played a few games

What a fun night!  I am already looking forward to next year!

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