Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple Juice Pork Chops

My hubby has a busy week ahead.  He has a special sermon which includes rebuilding the stage for Wednesday night-pictures to come!-plus we have Rodeofest at church on Sunday. Since he will be working late some, I am cooking dinner.  This morning I put some put some apple juice into a Ziploc bag with my pork chops to get them marinating.  When I got home, all I had to o was throw them on the griddle-very simple!  Next time I will figure out what spices go with it to make them a little tastier-but the apple juice did a great job making them nice an tender.  We had some leftover homemade french fries from last night's college night, so I cut them up, and added them to some chopped onion in the frying pan.  Yum!  Decent dinner tonight!

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