Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rock Climbing Santa with Susie McEntire

What a day!  Remember the rock climbers from my chapel on Wednesday?  They came to church today and demonstrated their skill.  In fact, Nate did this dressed as Santa, and then rappelled down during the song "Here Comes Santa Clause".  Confused yet?
Here is Sarah starting the climb across the ceiling.
And here is "Santa" during his turn.
Why was Santa visiting in October?
Why would Sarah do this during a church service?
And why would Susie McEntire (Reba's little sister) be singing Christmas songs?
She came by to film the Christmas special for RFD TV (and her husband Mark Eaton even joined in!) on the day we happened to have the rock climbing missionaries in service.  It only made sense to have him rappel down in a Santa costume.  How would you have handled that?
It was a great service, and I am sure the Christmas special will be wonderful when it airs!

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