Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cold Run

I skipped my Thursday run because I wanted to sleep.  I told myself I would run Thursday night.  That didn't happen.

Then I didn't run Friday.

Today I figured I had better run-no more skipping.  So I ran my long, weekend run-3.2 miles.  It was cool-in the lower 50's.  I am sure anyone reading this who is from anywhere north of Texas is probably chuckling, thinking about what a wimp I am.  But when it is in the 50's it is just cold to me.  I opted for running pants, rather than shorts, but I did wear a t-shirt.

By the end of my run I had an earache from the cold wind blowing into my ears (note to self-must find my ear muffs), and a sore throat plus that feeling you get in your lungs from breathing in cold air (second note to self-must find my hat that covers everything but my eyes).

The positive thing that came out of my run-I ran really fast!  I had to warm up somehow, plus the knowledge that as soon as I was done with my 3.2 I could go inside.  I do believe I will soon be using my gym membership a lot more regularly to avoid another run like this one!

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