Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Big Reveal

We started Youth Pastoring at our church three or four months ago.  What we noticed immediately about the physical appearance of the youth room was that it was a bit on the junky side.  Junk was piled up all over the place.  The floors had multiple colors of paint where things had been painted around (the walls did too we later learned as the bulletin boards came down).  There was one whole wall devoted to scribbling.  The stage was awkward-four feet off the ground due to the storage of water tanks below the stage.  Here is one picture I found from shortly before we came on staff at the church.

We feel like many times in churches, the students are given what is last-the unwanted portion of the church.  In order to build a sense of belonging and importance in the students, my husband made plans of a new room layout and petitioned the church to renovate the youth room, to which they approved!  The renovation was planned to happen during the week of Youth Camp so there would be two full weeks to make all the changes.  We were excited to reveal the new youth room last night in service!  

Here are the pics of the renovation!

Front stage with overhead lights on:

Front stage with ambient lighting for service:

Back hangout area with overhead lights on:

Back hangout area with ambient lighting for relationship building time:

The lighting was as much as part of the renovation as the paint, stage changes, etc. because with the overhead lights, it becomes a useful room to other departments needing use of the room, but with the additional lighting, it meets the needs of bringing a youthful atmosphere to the room.

The youth and the youth sponsors loved the room!  We are so excited to see the change!

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