Sunday, December 2, 2012

True Grit

While at the Ft Worth Stockyards today, there was a John Wayne look alike walking around. This stirred a conversation, which brought up the fact that neither I nor my boys have seen a John Wayne movie before.  I am sure I have been in the room while one was on, I just tend to tune out movies that don't really interest me-and westerns are generally a genre that fit that category.

So tonight we rented True Grit, both the original with John Wayne (see the picture below), and the new one. 
This is one time when I have to admit-I liked the movie!  The John Wayne version was great!  The new version I was just getting into when it started skipping.  We took it back to the store, and they told us this was the only copy they had, so I am guessing I will probably never see the ending.  

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