Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Administrative Assistants Christmas Lunch

Every year, I attend 2 Christmas parties at work:  one for everybody, and another for the administrative assistants.  This year we had the latter during the work day.  We all gathered up in the van, and drove into Waxahachie to the Dove's Nest-a tea room with a neat gift shop.  After we all arrived, they brought us our plates-a tasty salad, cantaloupe, grapes, and chicken salad.  We had a wonderful time being able to just relax and enjoy each other's company.
For dessert we had 2 options-Bourbon, Pecan, Chocolate Pie (which I chose-and it was amazingly good!)
or Buttermilk Pie.  I had never eaten Buttermilk Pie before, and since 2 ladies were unable to make it to the lunch, there were 2 pies left sitting on the table for anyone who wanted to try a taste.  I got to enjoy a taste of this, too, and I was impressed.  It is definitely something I would eat again at some point in the future.
After lunch we enjoyed looking at all the things in the gift shop for a while before returning to work.  What a neat day!

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