Friday, December 7, 2012

Tim Hawkins Show

About a month ago my hubby happened to notice that Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian, happened to have a show.  When he looked for tickets, though, he realized they were already sold out.  And then he found some VIP tickets-which got us priority seating, a pre-show show, and a Chickfila dinner.  Tonight was the night!

We arrived a little early, so here we were waiting on Tim to show up.
 And my VIP badge!
Here is Tim at the pre-show!
The microphone system wasn't set up in this room, so he grabbed the megaphone for a short while.

After that we found our seats-front row, and just 2 or 3 seats from dead center.  We couldn't have planned better seats!
I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of their stage design while we waited for the show to begin.
And then he entered the stage for the show. 

Tim took a quick a short break and John Banyan took the stage. 
Tim rejoined the stage again and they told jokes together for a while. 

And then Tim finished the show.
 Someone gave him a gift that he opened on the stage-a pillow.

At the end of the show, Tim gave away some product.  I got this CD! 
It was a fantastic show!  Tim Hawkins is so funny-I laughed continually throughout the whole show, and I laughed so hard at parts that I cried.  It was a wonderful date night!

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