Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dodie's Cajun Restaurant

Last week for date night, we traveled down Greenville Avenue before stopping at our planned destination.  While on the way there, we noticed Dodie's Cajun Restaurant.  We just love Cajun food, and so I suggested we go back to Lower Greenville Avenue to check this restaurant out.  It did not disappoint!  We started off with some chips with queso and salsa, and before we got too far with that, the waitress brought us our salad and coleslaw.  Here is my coleslaw.  It was really good-no mayo, and a little bit of Cajun kick!
We hadn't even finished our salad when our food arrived. I was very impressed with how quick service was!  I ordered chicken and sausage jambalaya, below.  Yes, I am fully aware the picture is fuzzy-that's what I get for taking a picture without a flash in a semi-dark restaurant!
My hubby ordered a Crawfish combo-fried crawfish on the left, and crawfish etoufee on the right.  Of course, you know me-I had a taste of his, too, and it was very good!
The food was all great-including the basket of bread they brought to the table as well.  Service was excellent, and fast.  I wish the restaurants closer to home held up the same standard of food they do on Greenville Avenue.  We had another fun night together!

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