Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jack's Southern Comfort

Tonight for date night, my hubby took me to the lower Greenville area of Dallas to a new restaurant that had been recommended to him called Jack's Southern Comfort.  The menu was neat-lots of brunch foods combined with lunch and dinner foods which fit the category comfort food.

I snapped a picture of my hubby's soda while we waited for our food.
My hubby ordered one of his favorite foods-shrimp and grits.  He said they were very tasty-and had a particularly good sauce.
I ordered the BTFGT, which was a BLT, but the T was a fried green tomato.  Instead of being on toasted bread, though, it was on a biscuit.  It was amazingly good!  I had never heard of putting a fried green tomato on a BLT before, but it really makes this sandwich! The only downside to the sandwich was that biscuits tends to be crumbly, so it was a bit difficult to eat.
The service at the restaurant was great-we have noticed that most restaurants in this area of Dallas do tend to have good service-one of the reasons we enjoy lower Greenville so much.  I definitely recommend this restaurant!

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