Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cowboy Stadium

Not only did I get to attend my very first NFL game, this was my first time to see the new Cowboy stadium I have heard so much about.  Yes, it is HUGE-just like everyone has told me.  Once we got to our seats, I took a look at the big video screen I had been hearing about.  Enormous is no exaggeration!  It covered nearly all of the length of the field.  Look at the size of the screen!
The seating just seemed to go on and on...it seats 80,000 on a typical game night, but can expand to hold 111,000.  Wow!
The other thing you hear about a lot in reference to the stadium is the retractable roof.  It was open for last night's game, but I never felt like I was outside, until towards the end of the game when some bugs came in.  The retractable roof only opens over the field itself.
It really was a very nice facility, and I can see what all the talk is about.

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