Friday, September 23, 2011

Circle Tour 2010-DFW, TX

SPOILER ALERT:  If you are a letterboxer, you may not want to read any further!  My next stop on today's letterboxing adventure was a bush in the median in the Greenwood Hills Subdivision to locate "Circle Tour 2010-DFW, TX".  I have found some boxes by this planter before-Wag Time.  Wag Time tends to use ziploc bags wrapped in duct tape, hanging in bushes for her plants.  After getting the bag, I headed back to my car to stamp in.  Here are the contents of the bag:

Wag Time almost always used lined-paper logbooks, which is typically frowned upon in the letterboxing world.  You can see where someone else stamped in at the top.  The bag, covered in camo duct tape is placed on top of the logbook.  And last of all the stamp of Texas is on the right.  It is a mirror-image so when you stamp in your logbook, it will show up correctly.

I enjoy finding Wag Times boxes because they are located in places I never would have otherwise visited.  The boxes themselves are always nice, but rarely exceptional.  I was glad to have located this one rather quickly.  When I was done stamping in, I dropped off another Hitchhiker here-the New Jersey Hitchhiker.  Now I have passed on all my hitchhikers.  

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