Saturday, May 26, 2012

Texas City Disaster of 1947

When we vacation in Galveston, we actually stay on the mainland where the hotels are significantly less pricey.  This makes us just a short drive from the beach still, but allows us to stay longer.  This year our hotel was in Texas City.  After we chose the hotel, I checked for nearby letterboxes, and there was a series about a mile from our hotel.  When we woke up this morning, I took my youngest son while my hubby and older son slept in.

These letterboxes were The Texas City Disaster of 1947 Series, a series of 3 boxes, but since the first was listed as missing we only search for and found 2 letterboxes.  I had never heard about the enormous explosion that took place here so many years ago, so it was neat to hear about this little piece of history.  These boxes were located at the Texas Memorial Park and Cemetery.  Click this link for more information and pictures of the disaster. 

We found the letterboxes quickly, and enjoyed looking at all the memorial park had to offer.

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