Thursday, May 17, 2012

Steven's Garden and Grill

My hubby asked me where I wanted to go tonight for date night. Having had a long week at work, I didn't feel like making any decisions.  So he suggested Steven's Garden and Grill in Mansfield. Neither one of us had been there before. The location was out of the way-near downtown, but not on a road you would just happen to be driving on and notice.  The outdoor seating was so inviting, along with the weather, that we ate on the patio.  Nice breeze, beautiful old trees, lots of locals enjoying a relaxing evening. What a great atmosphere!

The menu looked pretty basic, but my eyes stuck on one menu item...Carolina style barbecue...something I never see on a menu in Texas. Ummmmmm....yes, please!  Decision made!  My hubby had his mind on steak, but when he saw the barbecue he quickly changed his mind.  If you don't know, Carolina barbecue is pulled pork with a vinegar based sauce, usually served on a bun with cole slaw.  When it arrived, it looked just right-on a bun, served with cole slaw and chips.  The flavor was good-very good-but the only thing "Carolina" about it was the fact that it was pulled pork and served with cole slaw.  The barbecue sauce was more of a typical Texas barbecue sauce rather than the traditional vinegar based sauce.  Regardless, the flavor was great, and I might very possibly order it again.  We will definitely be back!

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