Friday, May 11, 2012

A Day Off with Berets and an Accordian

The past few weeks we have been running non-stop.  It has been exhausting.  The laundry has really piled up, too.  But-today is my day off!  After dropping the kids off at school, I came back home and took a 2 hour nap-which was wonderful!  I got some laundry done, and had a haircut, and then I had to take care of business-I had to head to Ft. Worth to pay for my speeding ticket-which is no fun, but necessary.

After that, my hubby and I had to make a stop where we always seem to end up-Central Market.  We had fun looking at all the usual stuff there, and enjoying the free samples.  But one thing was dramatically different today-they were celebrating French wines.  Which means they had a man walking around the store playing an accordian.  It was odd.  I tried not to make eye contact.  No, really.  Yes, that is right-there was a man playing an accordian walking around the store.  I was too embarassed to take his picture.  The other thing out of place-nearly all the employees were wearing berets.  The guy behind the meat counter, the stockers, the cashiers.  I even got a (terrible) picture.

What an enjoyable day!  (Well, minus the whole paying the ticket part.)

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