Saturday, May 19, 2012

Durango Letterbox

Every year, my hubby plays guitar or drums or bass at a concert in the bustling town of Durango, Texas.  Please know that when I use the term "bustling", I am exaggerating.  Durango is a no stoplight town.  The only business I am aware of in Durango is a beer joint.  The concert he plays at is at a ranch.  Since we were driving out in "God's Country" as my hubby refers to it, I figured I would check atlasquest to see if there were any letterboxes I coud pick up along the way.  Nope-none listed.  Next stop:  And, yes-there was 1 letterbox in Durango at a cemetery.  Sweet!

But as I read to the end, I saw that it had been retired.  What a bummer!  I saw the little cemetery, Union Cemetery, as we drove out to the ranch, but sadly had no reason to stop.  I found a picture of the historical marker online, though.  Better luck next time, I guess.

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