Friday, May 4, 2012

Fine Arts Friday-Performing Arts

At Fine Arts today, our students performed in 3 separate categories:  Female Vocal Solo, Pupperty Group, and Songwriting.

Female vocal solo was performed by a student who sang "God Girl".  We had a last minute issue that I ahd to take care of, and so I ran as fast as I could but the door was already shut when I arrived.  I could see her performance, and just barely hear though the door.  She said she was nervous, but she didn't appear that way!  I hate that I missed it!

The next group that went was Puppetry.  My youngest son and a girl from our church performed the song "Screen Door on a Submarine".  It was quite entertaining; their puppet coach is very talented!  You would be surprised how much work goes into this behind the scenes for months in preparation.

Our last group for the night was Songwriting-my oldest son along with the girl who performed Female Vocal Solo did this category.  My son composed the song on the piano, and she wrote the words.  My son definitely gets his talent from my hubby-I am not musically talented at all, so it is all very impressive!  And I have no idea how she came up with lyrics either-they worked great together!

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