Saturday, June 2, 2012

Twisted Root Burger Company

I have been wanting to try the Twisted Root Burger Company for a while.  This week when My husband asked where I wanted to go for date night, I asked to go here.  They have several locations, so I chose the one in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas, the original location.  I had my heart set on a buffalo burger, but when we walked in, there were 2 boards of the favorite burgers, so I decided to choose from those lists instead.  I chose the Ranch Hand-peppercorn ranch, swiss, and bacon.  It really was tasty!  I hope to go back soon to try another burger.

The ordering process was a little different-you tell them what you want, and then instead of giving you a number, they give you a laminated card with a celebrity's name.  Ours was George Lopez.  Whenever your food is ready the guy behind the counter calls your name-he was a real comedian, and kept us entertained while we waited.

I normally drink unsweet tea when we go out, but when I saw that they brewed their own root beer "Twisted Root Beer", I figured I would give it a try.  It was really good!  They also had a bubble gum twisted root beer, which my hubby tried.  I had a sip, and it was good, too-probably what I will drink whenever we go back!

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