Friday, June 8, 2012

Go Loco

Yesterday my hubby's truck broke down, so being in a hurry, he left it where it was.  This morning we went to pick it up to get it fixed, so we decided to pick up breakfast while we were out.  In Alvarado, there is a little taco restaurant in a gas station called Go Loco.  My hubby has been there a few times, and has really enjoyed their food.  He ordered migas with chorizo.  And while migas were my first choice, I saw how huge the portion was, and knew there was no way I could eat all that.  So I ordered a breakfast taco instead.  It came with egg, bacon, and cheese.  It was yummy!
At some point I hope to stop by Go Loco for lunch or dinner to try their regular tacos.  It was good, and I am sure we will be back.

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