Wednesday, June 27, 2012

They're Ba-a-ack!

The boys flight yesterday evening was cancelled-and so American Airlines rescheduled them for today.  I am frustrated with the airlines-it's not like they were flying standby and got bumped-AA just cancelled the flight.  It makes me never want to fly.  But I digress.

They re-scheduled for this morning-not a convenient time-their original flight was an evening flight-and planned that way so they wouldn't have to wake up super-early before making the long drive to the airport, and so I wouldn't have to miss any work to pick them up.  But again, I digress.

They re-scheduled it for rush hour.  Did I mention I don't like 360 ever, much less during rush hour?  I discovered that after a month of not having to make my long commute to work, I am no longer used to having to drive in traffic.  Or maybe I was just still a little ticked that the airlines changed the flight.

But, despite all that, when I pulled up to the airport, my boys were both waiting with big smiles and hugs for me!  So glad they are home!  (Sorry-no pics-I figured it wouldn't be smart to take their pics while I was driving at the airport.)

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