Saturday, June 9, 2012

Defensive Driving

A few weeks back I got a speeding ticket.  I was inclined to just pay it off and get it over with, but to keep my insurance low, I figured I ought to take Defensive Driving.  It has been probably over 5 years since I have had a ticket, so it has been at least that long since I have taken defensive driving.  And I have taken everything out there-the video, the internet version, the free meal, and the comedian.  Since the video and internet versions don't keep my attention, I don't get it done, so I figured I would be better off taking a class.  The comedy version was not near me on days I was available, so I opted to take it though the local driving school-the same driving school my son attends.

Was it fun?  No.  But it was necessary, and the teacher made it as painless as possible. Glad it is over. :)

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