Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today, there were 25 tornadoes in the metroplex.  Most of the damage done was in Arlington, Forney, and Lancaster; although many cities had tornadic activity and warnings throughout the day.  The boys schools were on lock down for a while, and my office building had the hallways available for those who worked upstairs or near windows while the sirens were going off.  A friend in Kennedale (near Arlington) posted some pictures near her home of the damage afterward:

These are fence posts from a neighbors house that flew through an upstairs window and embedded themselves in the house across the street.
You always see strange things like this after a tornado:
There were many downed trees and damaged house.
Another friend took a picture of the footage she saw on the news which as alarming-18 wheelers being tossed around like something from the movies:
And here is some footage of the tornado crossing the highway in Arlington:

I am thankful my family is safe today!

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