Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bad News

Several months back, my computer was attacked by 27 viruses. My hubby got rid of them, but the computer has never been the same since. Now it has another virus, and this time it is even more aggressive.  It currently will not load Google, Blogger, Facebook, or Pinterest; along with doing some other random, crazy stuff. Thankfully, I have a tablet and have been using it in place of my laptop.

That is, until Thursday. That evening I had lots of stuff on the table in front of me-tablet included.  While shifting everything in front of me, I push ed the tablet off the edge of the table, and it came crashing down to the floor. And that was the unfortunate end of my tablet.

So until my hubby has another chance to work on my laptop, and I have time to replace my tablet, I am limited to just my phone.  I am remembering what life was like pre-electronics!

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