Friday, April 20, 2012

A Great End to a Run

Remember that Spring Run I went on back at the end of March?  I was proud of myself for completing that run, and thought that maybe, just maybe this was the start of me running again.  You know what happened?  I got busy.  And I have not only not gone for another run, I completely stopped exercising altogether.  Not even on my Gazelle.  For three whole weeks.  Not only that, I didn't have time to log my food in my daily journal, either, so I quit doing that, too.

But despite all that, I stayed on my diet.  I made sure my breakfasts and lunches were all under 300 calories each, and dinners I was a little more lenient, but I made sure not to go overboard.  Still losing weight, just slowly.  I need to get organized and be better about logging my foods.  And I need to start exercising again.  Since it is my day off, I decided there was no better day to start my exercise again than today.  I expected it to be incredibly difficult, but thankfully it wasn't!  And the very best part of my run-the last 2 minutes, it started to sprinkle.  I love it when it rains when I run-for some reason it invigorates me.  I think I can get into this whole running thing again.  Here's to a fresh start!

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