Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Festivities

What a great Thanksgiving weekend so far!

I started celebrating on Wednesday with a special brunch at work.
But I ducked out of work early to head to the airport to pick up my hubby from his trip to the Philippines.  He was there with Mercy Chefs helping with the need for fresh water water after the disasters that country has been through.  Here is a picture of him building a shed for the water purification unit.
It is so good to have him home!  That night we went to church for our annual Pie Social-we always have a good time there!

We enjoyed a nice fire that evening.
For Thanksgiving this year, we had planned to stay home-not being sure just how tired and jet-lagged the hubby would be.  We woke up to no running water, but after a call to the water company, we were able to start cooking a couple hours later.  Ahhh, memories!  It helped us to be very thankful for running water when it came back on!

I ended the day by running into town for an hour to buy a few Christmas gifts with the boys.  It was a nice, quiet day and we are all looking forward to the rest of the weekend together.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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