Thursday, April 7, 2016

Vida de la Confianza

My husband and I purchased a beautiful piece of land in December with a deep ravine leading down to a creek running alongside part of the property. In order to help us stay as debt-free as possible (and because of an intense work schedule), we are moving slowly on the whole process, with plans to live in our RV while we do the work.  Our first step is getting the fence up-and it is currently about half-way done.  Here is a picture of the first half of our fence...

...and part of our creek right after heavy rains.

We bought our blueprints this week for a home that is called Vida de la Confianza.  After a quick internet search, we found a few pictures from someone else who had built the same home in South Dakota.  I am primarily posting all the pictures below for myself so I can reference them all in one location in the future as needed.  None of the pictures are my own-they came from Google Images, originally from

Exterior pictures (these were mostly small images, so many are not clear, but there is nothing I can do about that).  They made a few changes to the original plan, turning the garage to a different angle, plus some of the exterior surface materials are different than the architect calls for.  (We will probably also make some changes in this area.)  We bought the plan for a slab foundation, but this has the basement foundation, so it won't look exactly like this, but very similar.

Exterior back porch-ours will look very different as we don't have a basement, and exterior deck will be cement, just a few inches above the ground. 

View from front porch (ours will be cement).

View of front porch from road.  They chose different windows than the architect called for.  Because we will have a slab foundation it will sit much lower to the ground, so that will changes the looks some as well.

I like their porch ceiling, not sure what (if anything specifically) the architect called for.

I can envision rocking chairs or a porch swing out here some day overlooking our land.

This is a backyard view-again, we won't have the basement or wooden decking.  

Another back yard view into the house.  This doorway opens into the breakfast nook.  In the house plans this is actually windows, so again, the builder made some changes.  Further down to the right, out of view in the picture, is the french-style doors that open out from the living room, plus a doorway into the master.

A more clear picture of the front porch.  Before we had even seen this picture we had discussed a similar front door.

Moving inside...
This picture was taken standing in the kitchen and looking out to the living room to the right of the staircase and foyer/dining room to the left of the staircase. In our plans, this staircase will actually be going the opposite direction in an enclosed space, so where the staircase stands in the picture will actually be a full wall.

This view is just as you step in the front door and look to the right.  This seating area is shown as the dining room on the blue prints, and we will use it that way.

View from the kitchen sink into the living room. We would like a farmhouse style sink.  We really like the hammered bronze look.

View from living room into the kitchen.  The doorway on the far right side of the picture is supposed to have a small wall directly to the left of it...big enough for a coat closet with it's door on the other side of the wall.  It appears that they opted for more cabinetry instead, probably because they changed the floor plan of the kitchen a bit.

This is my favorite of all the pictures, as it shows the living room, kitchen, and breakfast nook, so you can see the layout pretty well.

Another good view.  This picture reminds me that I don't like sectionals!  Thankfully I will get to choose my own furniture.

The builder staged this dining room as an additional seating area.

My husband will more than likely build a beautiful wooden table for this space.  We have found some inspiration for our table at World Market.

I love the wooden accents-door, trimwork around the windows and along the floors.  Again-where the stairway is will just be a closed-in wall.

Here the builder made some changes near the fireplace to include some built-ins, which we probably won't do-I think the brick-work will actually extend higher than shown.  Since 2 of the living room walls are just open to the next room, we will have limited space for a tv.  We have talked about using the space above the fireplace for the tv, or hooking up a projector and having a motorized screen that can be raised when not in use.  The door to the left of the fireplace will lead to the staircase.

More detail of the fireplace, and the doorway into the master bedroom.

Kitchen.  The dishwasher will be just to the left of the sink.

Kitchen again...The builder made some significant changes to the kitchen as well.  Fridge will be placed where the cabinetry on the far right is located.  There will be a large pantry just to the left of the doorway. 

Since my husband is chef we plan to upgrade the oven and stovetop and add a hood vent. We will also add a pot-filler and we want a brick backsplash.  I would like white or off-white cabinets, and will probably go with granite counter-tops.

Here is a view of the breakfast nook...the builder replaced the windows with a sliding glass door.  I'm not sure what kind of seating we will do here.

And again, turned just slightly.

The builder made some significant changes to the walkway between the house and the garage, as well as just inside the entryway to the house from the garage.  This is one of those areas.  Our plan will still include washer/dryer hookups but won't be laid out like this at all.

 I believe this is where the builder chose to enclose the covered walkway from the garage to the house.  We will likely enclose ours as well.

And the same area from the opposite direction as it appears the builder chose to add a few closets on the right...

Master bedroom.  Door on the far left opens to the living room.  The door on the right is a walk-in closet.

In this picture the closet is located on the left and the bathroom to the right of that.  The un-seen wall where the photographer is standing has a door that opens up to the back deck.

This is one of the bedrooms that we will use as an office.  I couldn't find any pictures of the 3rd bedroom, although it will be similar size.  We will use it as the guest room.

Master closet.  I think it may actually have been altered some as well.

This bathroom will be shared between the office and guest room (again-some changes made by the builder).

I believe this is the 1/2 bath with alterations in the hallway to the garage.

Master bathroom.  I like these square sinks.

This is Bonus Room 2 which we plan to use as a music room.

The stairway opening will be from the opposite side so there will just be a plain wall where the stairway is with the stairway entrance in the other bonus room.

Another view

Bonus Room 1.  We will probably add a bathroom in here, and perhaps some storage space.

Another view...

This is an exciting venture for us-we have not built a home before, so I am sure we have much to learn as time progresses.

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