Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Version of a Mud Run

There was a Mud Run Saturday right in front of my house.  I knew the day was coming, but I also knew I had other stuff going on; plus it cost a little more than I was interested in paying.  Fortunately for me, quite a bit of it was still set up on Sunday afternoon, so my youngest son and I went for our own version.  Here was the real Mud Run underway while I was on my way down the driveway:

First obstacle on our version-the hay bale climb.  My son stopped to pose.
Me on top of the hay bales.  I'm pretty sure if I had done the actual Mud Run a picture like this would have been out of the question.
Next obstacle-the tires.
Then there were a few logs to jump over.
Followed by a maze...
And a log crossing... 
Then we made our way through a dried up creekbed.  I was nervous in this area because poison ivy is my arch enemy.
And then onto some gorgeous views of the lake.  The water levels are so low.  Normally the sandy looking area is covered in water.  We need rain!
The dried lake bottom is pretty, but sad that the water levels are so low.

We only completed about half the mud run:  nature called, and once we were inside, the A/C felt too good to go back out into the 90 plus temps.  Perhaps another day.

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